Learning about breast cancer is fundamental. Until new developments in science are available, the key is early detection and early treatment. RFCA Ghana promotes free educational materials and culturally-sensitive talks about breast cancer detection to local groups and associations, helping to overcome the cultural barrier that Ghanaian women face for obtaining reliable information.


While breast cancer is 98% curable when detected in its early stage, late stage breast cancer detection in all of Africa is the hallmark. Over 60% of patients report with either stage 3 or 4 of the disease. Our yearlong educational and awareness talks include free one-on-one screening and training in BSE with a certified nurse. We also donate equipment and cover the cost of mammography and subsequent testing so that screening is at no cost to economically-challenged women.



The approach to breast cancer care in Ghana will be incomplete without considering the economic barriers that prevent Ghanaian women from seeking appropriate screening and treatment. RFCA Ghana strives to subsidize or cover the cost of treatment to economically-challenged women (in Stage 1 or 2), and also follows through so that patients complete their treatment.